Introducing Barco projectors

08 Sep 2014

Range projectors

We present our range of Barco  projectors for large venues. Thera are a Full HD projectors ranging from 6,000 lumens of RLM-W6, up to 26,000 from the HDF-W26 Flex.

B arco is one of the most reputed manufacturers of large format projectors. Stand out especially for its low noise, making them highly recommended for indoor facilities or public spaces nearby. All projectors are DLP and include 3-chip technology, and are controllable via Ethernet.

Most projectors include FLEX technology, allowing to choose the right light output for every occasion.

Area Tecnica features a wide range of lenses, both fixed and zoom for these projectors, allowing us to make projections from extremely short distances to large buildings Mappings over many meters.

We also have small ones for breakouts rooms, with ultrashort optical, for when you do not have much space for projection. These projectors with ranges of 1.700-5.500 lumens are available in formats 16: 9 and 4: 3.