Llum BCN festival

12 Feb 2015

Mapping La Pedrera

Area Tecnica was responsible for Mapping projection on La Pedrera’s façade for the show “Emotions in Motion” during the light festival LlumBCN2015.

E motions in Motion is a light, sound, projections and dance show on the façade of La Pedrera. Conceived and directed by Toni Mira, was originally intended to celebrate the centenary of one of the most represntative Gaudi’s building in late 2012. Two years later, Area Tecnica repeated as responsible of projections, and image processing to create video for the light festival LlumBCN 2015.

A 20K Full HD Barco projector and WatchOut system to manage videos and geometry were used for the show.

The show included projections on the façade, spectacular lighting, soundtrack created specifically for the occasion and eight real dancers acting from different balconies and windows of the building. Not to loose show!

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