Gala dinner in Drassanes

10 Sep 2014
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In the ocasion of the European Congress of Cardiology (ECS 2014), BCD m&i asked us to light and sound of the Grans Naus, at he Barcelona Maritime Museum (Drassanes) for a gala dinner.

D rassanes is synonymous with greatness, history, stones that speak for themselves. Whatever the room (Marqués de Comillas or Grans Naus), the majesty of space commands respect and attention when it comes to enlighten.

For this reason, Area Tecnica opted to enhance columns with wireless LED lights, LED bars and moving heads Martin Mac 301 Installation was completed with the installation of some Truss totems to focus the tables.

To avoid routing cables through areas of public access, we install LED lights with batteries and WiFi DMX, in the middle of dinner’s area.

Additionally, we installed a sound system, NEXO for background music  and speeches. In venues of this size and with so few sound absorbing elements is crucial to have a good distribution of the speakers all along the venue.

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