Hotel W – Juice Plus EMEA 2018

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Evento Hotel W- Area Tecnica

Project Description

On the 8th and 9th of November, we hosted the Juice Plus EMEA International Meetings. Our client commissioned us to host the Juice Plus Gala Dinner that took place at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, as well as the plenary sessions that took place at the Hotel W in Barcelona.

For the Gala Dinner, which took place in the Marqués de Comillas Room at the MMB, our technical department built a circular stage with its own technical set up designed especially for the occasion. Different ambients were created throughout the event to surprise the guests. It should be noted that all the different elements were put together in just 9 hours, a great piece of planning for the occasion.

The Plenary was held at the Hotel W where, in both the public areas of the hall and on the 32 meter stage, we decorated and set up video, sound translation apparatus and multi-camera production.


Barcelona Maritime Museum and Hotel W, Barcelona.