Epson Projector EB-L1405U

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8000 Lumens projector, with ratio 2000: 1 and 21kg of weight with technology 3LCD and 4K

This projector offers a long-lasting laser projection for auditoriums and offers bright and vivid colors thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology and high light output in white and color. Compatible 4k



Laser precision images

With this projector of laser installation prepared to use in auditoriums, you will ensure exceptional quality and the best execution possible in your presentations. With 3LCD technology and high levels of white and color light emission of the same ratio, you get intense and bright WUXGA resolution images, even in broad daylight. With a newly developed inorganic phosphorescent wheel, the projector offers superior resistance to light and heat for excellent reliability. For a higher-level viewing experience, the projector has the 4K enhancement that gives exceptional sharpness to the images and a clarity that lasts up to 56,000 hours thanks to the long life of the laser. It also includes a built-in camera to ensure accurate image calibration.

Quick Install

You can start any projection in seconds thanks to its lens memory function, which saves the projector settings such as position, focus and zoom of the image, so you can work faster when projecting images with different aspect ratios or use different types of lenses. The Split Screen function allows you to display two projection sources.

Main Features

  • Laser light source technology: Reliable and long-lasting image quality (up to 56,000 hours2)
  • Superior image quality: Enhanced light emission; white balance upper; best color adjustment
  • High Definition (HD) images with 4K enhancement technology: Sharpness, clarity and amazing detail thanks to the genuine 4K effect
  • Flexible installation with 360 ° rotation: Full flexibility without distortion or loss of brightness
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