MORE Event – Hyatt Regency Tower

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Project development

We’re excited to share our collaboration with DORIER, a meticulously crafted international launch of an innovative pharmaceutical product. This high-stakes audiovisual and logistical event unfolded at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Tower Hotel in Barcelona, involving a setup period of three days, followed by three days of intense event activities.

After five months of careful planning and production, our team of over 30 expert technicians worked tirelessly to install and operate a wide array of audiovisual and computer equipment. This included streaming systems, professional BlackMagic multicamera setups, stunning LED displays – the primary of which measured an impressive 15 meters by 4 meters – and high-quality sound. We also deployed the advanced Aquilon RS2 system from Analog Way to ensure flawless transmission and visually striking presentations.

However, our engagement extended beyond technical aspects. We created an unforgettable ambiance for the event, setting up LED decorations, constructing the stage and backdrops, and providing comfortable, elegant furniture. To add a special touch, we installed artificial grass and used aromatherapy techniques to craft an immersive and soothing atmosphere.

The lighting, designed to highlight key moments of the event, and rigging were precisely adjusted to the client’s needs and the space. This project represented a highly demanding challenge, but our experience and dedication enabled us to deliver an excellent production. Undoubtedly, a feat within the grasp of very few.

This event not only demonstrates our commitment to technical excellence, but also our capacity to create unique atmospheres and unforgettable experiences. We are proud to have brought our expertise and skill to make this launch a resounding success.

Hyatt Regency Tower Hotel

Video, LED screen, Streaming, Watch Out, Ascend, sound, lightning, computer application, multi-camera production